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Leading Dive Pro education in excellence

The modern and future-oriented cooperation of SSI Instructor Trainers from various SSI Instructor Training Centers in the SSI Instructor Training College (SSI ITC) sets completely new standards in the field of training dive professionals.

What is the thought or idea behind this cooperation and what makes the SSI Instructor Training College so special?

First of all, it must be mentioned that all SSI Instructor Trainers worldwide are excellently trained and through their own training, continuous training, their experience and their didactic skills train dive professionals to the highest quality.

So what makes us different?

With our pool of highly qualified and highly motivated SSI Instructor Trainers, we train in a seminar synchronously with several trainers. Possible deficits of a candidate can be eliminated with almost 1: 1 support so that all our candidates can interact at a similarly high level. This gives the candidates the confidence and skills that are required for a final exam (e.g. instructor evaluation) and later work as a dive professional. Our successful training principle is also characterized by the fact that we do not move in the area of the minimum requirements for an exam to be successfully passed, but rather train our candidates on a professional level that is much higher in its requirements, without overburdening the candidates.

For this purpose, in addition to the excellent training materials from SSI, we have developed other successfully used teaching aids, and are continuously developing these teaching aids.

Even before a seminar, all teaching aids are freely available to the candidates on an internal cloud so that the candidates can optimally prepare and develop under the same conditions.

Experience shows that this pre-service takes a lot of the pressure to succeed, exam stress and possibly exam anxiety off the candidate.

What else makes the Dive Professional training at the SSI Instructor Training College interesting?

All of our SSI Instructor Trainers have very different professional backgrounds and also have different diving expertise. After a seminar, our candidates do not only have the signature of an instructor trainer, but are enriched by all the expertise of our instructor trainers.

Flexibility and planning security are important to us!

The SSI Instructor Training College trains diving instructors and other dive professionals (e.g. Assistant Instructor / Assistant Instructor Trainer / Specialty Instructor) on a monthly basis . Crossover seminars are also held in parallel.

This creates complete flexibility in terms of time and planning security!

Our pool of SSI Instructor Trainers is constantly evolving. Thanks to this network of highly professional SSI Instructor Trainers, we as the SSI Instructor Training College can react quickly to the needs of our clients and also organize and hold seminars worldwide.

Domestic as well as foreign diving centers / bases can cooperate with our college and send their Dive Professional candidates to the SSI Instructor Training College without having to have the subliminal thought of sending their candidates to the competitor.

We are partners and not competitors!

Our selected domestic training centers offer a modern infrastructure tailored to the training (e.g. seminar rooms, training pool, accommodation, catering, any equipment required, training lakes, etc.) in the immediate vicinity of the training center. In this way, we can ensure that there is more time for training and that our candidates can easily get to their accommodation or their home. Our pool of selected domestic training centers is also growing steadily.

In short ... short distances, no stress, and a relaxed atmosphere!

What are we planning for the future, among other things? ... complete seminars where others go on vacation!

How about doing your training as a dive professional where you are greeted by sun, beach and sea in the morning? We are currently holding cooperation talks with selected diving centers abroad so that we can also offer seminars (e.g. ITCs) abroad in the future. It is important to us that we find the same infrastructure (e.g. equipment, seminar rooms, pool and open water, accommodation) as in Germany and that the subsequent instructor evaluation can also take place there.

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