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The togetherness counts!

For us, cooperation means constant togetherness. All of our cooperation partners and training centers are characterized by their ability to work in a team and close cohesion, and they all have the same goal ...

"... guarantee the highest level of training from beginners to dive professionals!"

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Our partner and training center in Leverkusen

submersible - that's many decades of diving practice in different diving organizations and across all levels, a team of professional divers, lots of fun and always a smile.



Our partner and training center in Cologne

Our diving instructors in Cologne have all been trained with the standards of SSI. A permanent staff is a MUST at Underwater No.1, long-term employees are our guarantors for satisfied customers.



Our partner and training center in Dortmund

The diving school 2 Elements has existed since 2010 and has been successfully training divers since then. In the beginning this was done on a part-time basis, but from 2013 it became the main occupation. Although we are entitled to train according to the CMAS and PADI associations, we ultimately decided in favor of the SSI association, because in our opinion it uses the best and most modern training system in recreational diving and also trains according to international DIN standards.



Our partner and training center in Siegburg near Cologne / Bonn

20 meters deep, 18 or 10 meters in diameter and over three million liters of crystal clear water - these are dimensions that also inspire experienced divers.
The dive4life indoor diving center in Siegburg near Cologne / Bonn is the largest facility of its kind in Europe.
It combines the adventure of open water diving in nature with the comfort and safety of a swimming pool.
Regardless of whether it is a first taster course or advanced training to become a dive professional: With plateaus at different depths and detailed ruins, the pool offers optimal conditions and fascinating opportunities for beginners and professionals.

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